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Irina I am waiting for my money after redeeming for 1 month...and nothing happens. Is there anybody who really get their rewards? 2016/12/09 3:11pm
Richard Ackerman Trying to unsubscribe using UNSUBSCRIBE link in recent email from USER results in an error mesage 2016/11/29 8:10pm
Ernie Lo I redeemed after getting 2500 points but have not received anything yet after more than 3 months. E-mailed but no response. What a waste of time. 2016/11/07 11:22pm
Kim Powell Who's there?? 2016/10/01 7:06am
Kim Powell Hello 2016/10/01 7:06am
****al Prasad You can find it under my survey. But i hardly get any survey, joined a while ago yet to redeem a reward. 2016/08/28 1:18pm
leanna might be a stupid question but i cant seem to find the surveys ,where do i find the surveys ? 2016/08/25 4:26pm
****al Hi anybody here 2016/08/21 3:56am
****al i cant login to my account. how can i recover my password? 2016/07/22 4:04am
Ian Beveridge No points from all the surveys completed and unsubscribe link does not work. Do not waste your time with this company. 2016/05/26 2:17am
Bree-Anne I would like to do some surveys this is the second time i have joined and still no surveys!! 2016/05/13 3:28pm
J. Khan How can I trust this website by giving my address, date of birth and email. Thats a lot of previlaged information that can be misused 2016/05/06 9:17pm
Christy Parker yet the shoutmix pin sent like nothing!!! 2016/04/10 5:24pm
Christy Parker got no email from u guys the 3 times i sent the email 2016/04/10 5:23pm
Pamela Andersen Same problem as the previous users on "take survey" and nothing happens. 2016/04/01 5:31pm
René d'Anjou Pourquoi m'invite-t-on, en français à faire partie du sondaged, mais tout est en anglais ! Pourquoi ? 2016/03/23 11:48am
John I received an email 2 hours ago stating I can take a survey for 250 pts, it did not work. I did a profile survey and completed it, it said I would get 500pts, did not get any pts today. when submitted, it said it was successful. 2016/03/17 7:11pm I was invited to do a survey but when I click the link and login there is no survey available or perhaps I am not looking in the right place?? Thanks 2016/03/17 6:45pm
Lorna Webster-Guite Are rewards only available in America? It says 2016/03/16 12:56am
Shawna iam not receiving my activation email 2016/03/14 11:27pm

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