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Sir Sax GSP Radio Network Sister Sharon, we are so excited that you have found the GSP radio network. We are blessed by knowing that you are blessed. It is a labor of love in Christ. Thank you for sharing in the journey with us. 2015/08/17 4:03pm
Sharon Stay in Him. I'm enjoying it with. You're doing an excellent job for sure keep up the good work. The Lord is blessing me through this network radio. you giving God glory. & I appreciate it so much. I love you and God be with you continually and always. S 2015/08/15 3:48pm
Sharon God led me to this radio a couple of days ago. I'm always searching for in the Spirit ministry not just DJ gospel. Thank you. Keep up the good work. You're creative, unique and Glorifying God. 2015/08/07 8:47pm
Willie Taylor, the artist of perilous Times. I just want to thank all the sponosors of this raidio, station I will never forget u guys, thank u for your support. 2015/07/27 11:30pm
Willie Taylor, the artist of perilous Times. Brother I really enjoyed hearing my work,I pray that it touch,and change life, and for them to call on Jesus, thank u for making this happen. 2015/07/27 11:28pm
Avery Sanders God Bless Elder Cedric, enjoy being apart of your broadcast. Pastor Avery Sanders. -Kingdombuilding 2015/07/24 10:53pm
Samantha I am so thankful, for the Gospel Skate Party, it really had been a blessing in my life. Would you consider uploading some of the teaching to your website so I could come back to the website and listen at anytime? 2015/05/14 5:54pm
DJ G S/O Sir Sax! 2015/02/24 1:21am
Sir Sax Hey Jason thanks for tuning in 2015/02/05 1:00am hello enjoying the showw as always the watts family 2015/02/05 12:59am
Tracee Yes I do, we have been given feelings for a reason so why hide them, when you hold in your anger you just get more angry. 2015/01/30 5:00pm
Mrs. Watts from Sir Sax GSP Join in on the Chat, Do you think you have the right to be angry regarding things done to you? 2015/01/24 3:11pm
Sir Sax GSP Do you think we have the right to get angry when things are done to us? 2015/01/24 3:05pm
joyce graham I would love to do a live call in counseling show! :-) From Joyce Graham 2015/01/11 9:48pm