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David Thanks MicioBigio :thumbsup: Admin 2017/03/17 9:06am Offline
MicioBigio So relaxing and energising with your Music! Best radio ever! 2017/03/16 5:06pm Offline
Guest Yes it does, sorry for that answering sooner. Thanks! 2017/02/21 9:53pm Offline
David Does it work better now? Admin 2017/02/20 10:47am Offline
Guest Hi David, the problem still persists on my Galaxy s6 + Android 6.0.1. I fully reinstalled the app, it still hangs at the song page. 2017/02/16 4:37am Offline
David Hi, the problem is now fixed with Android. Could you check with your mobile? Thank you for your message :) Admin 2017/02/14 9:01am Offline
Guest Android App stopped working - It hangs on the song with message "unable to start playback." I've tried reinstalling. Any idea? Galaxy S6 Edge on 6.0.1 2017/02/13 10:53pm Offline
David Thanks SyFy :) Admin 2017/02/08 5:14pm Offline
SyFy J'aime beaucoup le PlusFM! Tuning in from a rainy London town and you're bringing me some sunshine ;) 2017/02/08 1:45pm Offline
Jeff, NYC Hope Kid Wise's "Bones" is available in U.S. iTunes store soon! 2017/01/23 4:18am Offline
Henri No that's not the one but I know what you're going for! It was slower. I may be remembering wrong 2017/01/17 7:18pm Offline
Dave Hi Henri: Maybe "Para One - Elevation"? Admin 2017/01/17 2:02pm Offline
Henri What's the song that goes, "higher, higher" 2017/01/15 9:34am Offline
David It's true that Spotify is practical but plusfm is the best way to find inspiration, you're right! Thank you Thomas for the donation you just sent :thumbsup: Admin 2017/01/13 4:59pm Offline
Thomas Heidenberger I am using mostly Spotify but after a while I am getting back to plusfm to let me inspire with new songs. Many thanks for your enthusiasm! Love you online-radio! Best Thomas, Munich Germany 2017/01/13 10:26am Offline
David Merci Jacques, pas mal du tout ;-) Admin 2017/01/12 6:00pm Offline
Jacques Decharnay zola blood "islands" stp! 2017/01/11 8:19pm Offline
David Merci beaucoup Mathis :) Admin 2017/01/08 12:53pm Offline
Mathis hi , i'm mathis from Nancy, france, thanks for your work guys! Great Music! 2017/01/08 12:50pm Offline
Jeff, NYC That's the one! Thanks David. :thumbsup: 2017/01/03 4:55pm Offline

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