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Mary Guess I better get out the hummer feeder too. 2017/04/25 12:36am Offline
Tom Of Littlehouse Hello Ivor. Yes we did see a male ruby throat hummer today out taking sips off the honeysuckle vine on the windmill today. Probably one passing through on their migration north. Hope we can get a few to start nesting here soon. Admin 2017/04/24 11:24pm Offline
Ivor_uk Would have missed those owls the other night,was 5am uk time.Noticed you've put a hummingbird feeder out,hoping to see some of those sooner,or later.Garden is looking lovely Tom. 2017/04/24 10:40pm Offline
joiibear :robin: :chick: 2017/04/24 4:24pm Offline
Dutchgirl-NL :easter6: 2017/04/17 12:46pm Offline
Tom Of Littlehouse Who heard the two owls hooting it out around 11 pm Littlehouse time 4-16-2017? Sounded like a couple of monkeys. Admin 2017/04/17 4:30am Offline
Mary :Easter1: 2017/04/16 7:53pm Offline
Diane_IllinoisUSA :easter6: :Easter2: 2017/04/15 2:54am Offline
joiibear Hoppy Easter :D :Easter4: 2017/04/13 5:43pm Offline
Ivor_uk MOW 2017/04/10 7:43pm Offline
BirdWatcher25 I like the 2 hanging flower pots you put up in cam 4. They add a nice splash of spring color in the garden :) 2017/04/10 12:31am Offline
Mary It looks like spring today---YEA!!! 2017/04/08 10:32pm Offline
Mary Hi Tom. Thanks for the thought. 2017/04/08 10:31pm Offline
joiibear 7.48pm, 49°F, thundershower =D> 2017/04/05 12:52am Offline
Tom Of Littlehouse Hi Mary. I'm so sorry you are having so much trouble with your Flash Players. I wish there was something I could do. to help. Admin 2017/04/03 1:57pm Offline
Mary More updates and still the same black rectangles. No joke. But I can still view one at a time. Maybe some day... 2017/04/01 10:03pm Offline
joiibear lol 2017/04/01 9:08am Offline
Diane_IllinoisUSA :aprilfool: :D 2017/04/01 5:07am Offline
Virginia The view from camera #2 looks beautiful this morning...Things are starting to get green! 2017/03/29 1:51pm Offline
AussieAl Sounds very wet, 2017/03/29 8:54am Offline

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