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Diane_IllinoisUSA The February record high temp for Illinois today is 70F.....getting colder in the 30"s after Friday....hopefully no snow! 2017/02/22 5:24pm Offline
Diane_IllinoisUSA Hey there Joii, the neighbors better get out their pooper scooper...that dog might of left a present! lol 2017/02/22 5:17pm Offline
Diane_IllinoisUSA :humpday: 2017/02/22 5:11pm Offline
joiibear It's 7.23am, 43°F and sunny. 2017/02/22 1:24pm Offline
joiibear Have just seen a big black dog scooting around a neighbour's garden on Cam 4 :) 2017/02/22 1:21pm Offline
Ivor_uk haha,reminds me of a hamster stuffing its cheeks with seeds. 2017/02/21 5:40pm Offline
Ivor_uk thanks for replying tom.lovely just saw my first wild chipmunk.probably been suggested many times before,or maybe you'd considered putting a camera closer to the pond and waterfall to see the fish and bathing birds and any other creatures that came to it 2017/02/21 5:37pm Offline
Diane_IllinoisUSA I seen a big flock of Robins this last Sunday ...Spring is close!! :D 2017/02/21 4:20pm Offline
Tom Of Littlehouse Hello Ivor. We do get a few mice and a few Norway rats. But it's not alot. We also have a number of neighbor cats but they don't seem to bother the birds too much. We have a net we put over the pond when the heron is in town :) Admin 2017/02/21 2:47am Offline
Ivor_uk 1am here,so goodnight,look in tuesday evening to see if there are any new visitors i didn't spot on monday 2017/02/21 12:57am Offline
Ivor_uk do you have a problem with herons there after your fish?they tend to take fish from ponds here in the uk,anything they can swallow 2017/02/21 12:55am Offline
Ivor_uk don't get so many visiting my own garden,5 cats seem to put them off 2017/02/21 12:52am Offline
Ivor_uk love the cams,with all the different birds and the squirrels visiting 2017/02/21 12:51am Offline
Ivor_uk with the amount of seed on the ground,don't you get rodents paying a visit? 2017/02/21 12:49am Offline
Mary T :robin: I saw 4 robins in my neighborhood last week. 2017/02/20 12:11am Offline
joiibear :train1: Thanks for letting us know. Hope things will be able to improve :clock: 2017/02/19 3:37am Offline
joiibear 67°F at 5:51pm, just before sunset - very nice :D 2017/02/16 11:53pm Offline
Diane_IllinoisUSA <3 :cupid2: <3 2017/02/15 2:59am Offline
joiibear :happy_vd1: 2017/02/14 6:58pm Offline
Mary T :robin: 2017/02/11 11:04pm Offline

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