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johnny lakers need to keep kobe,farmar,young,meeks and fire everyone else including coach 2014/04/18 4:31am
johnny johny 2014/04/18 4:30am
Bryan Lakers suck! 2014/04/05 6:39pm
ThreeLA007 Mike Krzyzewski is needed in Laker Land. 2014/03/22 10:38pm
ThreeLA007 There is no better coach to tank for than Mike Antoni. 2014/03/08 2:55am
Eric Garcia The look on Mitch's face last night...yikes. 2014/03/08 2:05am
Kobe24 At what point do we oust Mitch! Dude can't make a trade to save his life, much less the Lakers lives! 2014/02/20 9:23pm
ThreeLA007 What will Adam Silver do to the NBA? NBA would give more money to colleges. Next LeBron James. 2014/02/13 12:08pm
Eric Garcia D'Antoni needs to go. Period. I didn't realize that the Lakers are still paying Mike Brown. Yikes. 2014/02/01 4:16pm
ThreeLA007 For those of us that want draft picks, the Lakers are lucky that we have the best Tank General - Mike Antoni. And why is Kobe getting $48 million? 2014/01/18 2:05am
Shelby kobe's going to dallas *****es 2014/01/17 1:51am
Shelby hi yall laker fanboys 2014/01/17 1:49am
Eric Garcia Lakers need desperate help. Agreed, its draft pick time. 2014/01/17 1:20am
steve draftpicks 2014/01/15 6:37pm
ThreeLA007 Damn. Tough season for Lakers fans. It will be an interesting summer for Mitch. 2014/01/11 8:25am
Eric Garcia Great win against the Jazz! 2014/01/04 4:20pm
Eric Garcia Lakers DM's need to do something. 5 losses in a row is a definite red flag. 2013/12/30 3:41pm
Eric Garcia Laker Girl Contest Giveaway - Guess closest to the final score of the LAL/MIA XMAS game. See our latest post for details. Good luck! 2013/12/25 1:40am
ThreeLA007 Nice work by Young and Gasol against the Wolves. 2013/12/21 8:02am
Eric Garcia Kobe has had 19 turn overs since his return. Is he trying too hard to facilitate? 2013/12/14 7:46pm

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