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Eric Garcia Congrats to the GOAT for passing MJ tonight! It only took him 32,293 points to do it. :) 2014/12/15 2:00am
Eric Garcia Just 9 points away from passing MJ! 2014/12/14 4:59pm
ThreeLA007 Kobe needs to call his team mates soft like Charmin more often if it leads to Nick Young making game-winning shots! 2014/12/13 11:47pm
Eric Garcia 77 Points to Michael! 2014/12/06 5:05pm
Eric Garcia 99 PTS from passing MJ!!! 2014/12/05 3:03pm
Eric Garcia 128 points away from passing MJ! 2014/12/03 2:28pm
Kaila Krich HI! 2014/12/02 11:06pm
Eric Garcia Hey Santa, how bout a Hublot for Christmas? 2014/12/02 4:29am
Eric Garcia Kobe just 246 points away! 2014/11/22 5:32am
Eric Garcia Kobe just 406 pts away from being 3rd all-time greatest scorer 2014/11/12 4:01am
ThreeLA007 Nick Young gets a thumb injury. Out for at least one month. Looks like Lin and Clarkson will get more playing time. 2014/10/04 5:52am
Eric Garcia What's up Loit?! Good seeing you here. 2014/09/06 10:31pm
ThreeLA007 Can Kobe break Kareem’s record? Probably not. Kobe needs to mentor players like seventh-pick Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson. 2014/09/06 9:11pm
Eric Garcia Can Kobe pass Kareem before he retires? 2014/09/06 1:25am
Eric Garcia I'm back. Sorry for the long break. Been really busy. I will be updating the blog shorty. 2014/09/05 12:02am
johnny lakers need to keep kobe,farmar,young,meeks and fire everyone else including coach 2014/04/18 4:31am
johnny johny 2014/04/18 4:30am

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