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Roger Bobo , Oaxaca Mexico Big time mix up, I'll Have to wait a few hours 2017/04/24 4:16pm
Roger Bobo , Oaxaca Mexico It'd trying but dosen't quite make it. 2017/04/24 4:05pm
Roger Bobo , Oaxaca Mexico I'm trying to get the live feed, nothing happens 2017/04/24 4:02pm
Sarah in Berlin Thanks everyone for watching - it was new and exciting to stream live onto Facebook - we had about 9 thousand viewers!! Unbelievable! But Radovan is such a star - no wonder! If you missed it live, we´ll post it in the archive soon! 2017/04/24 3:30pm
ぽぱー@今宵もだう~ん。 omg, Berlin is in DST!? It's 22:13 in Tokyo... 2017/04/24 1:14pm
John ****son Loving the hangout on FB! Best alaram clock ever!! 2017/04/24 12:55pm
Stunning Steve Hi all, Steve here from the tech team. Today's Horn Hangout is a Facebook live stream! Head to https://www.facebook.com/hornhangouts/ to watch! 2017/04/24 12:07pm
Stephen Jenks Glad to be with you from a beautiful spring day in Maine 2017/04/24 12:05pm
Derek We just got the chat line! 2017/04/24 12:04pm
Andy in Hastings Hi Jeremy and trajanus - we're over on Facebook today. Join us at https://www.facebook.com/hornhangouts/ 2017/04/24 12:02pm
Jeremy Rowe Hi Sarah from County Durham. Just logged on in time! 2017/04/24 12:00pm
trajanus Vello fr.o.m. Sweden 2017/04/24 12:00pm
Andy in Hastings Today's hangout will be streaming on Facebook. Join us there in a few minutes: https://www.facebook.com/hornhangouts/ 2017/04/24 11:54am
Jon Mitchell Hi Sarah from New York. Looking forward to another great show 2017/04/24 11:45am
Sarah in Berlin Hi everyone! Today's Horn Hangout with Radovan will be livestreamed on the Horn Hangouts facebook page, join us there! 2017/04/24 11:45am
Thomas Hansen It that John Malcovich playing contrabass in Britten's video? :D :D :D :D 2017/04/23 7:04pm
Sarah in Berlin Looking forward to hanging out with Radovan this coming monday! Save the date! 2017/04/20 3:18pm
mily your ok 2017/04/17 4:14pm
mily hi i came at home 2017/04/17 4:13pm

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