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goat any uptades on the horn hangout?! 2017/01/27 6:24pm
James Bell I have recently heard of something called a blob... for use on a horns valves. It is supposed to give a better tonal quality. Can you talk about them? 2017/01/10 3:58pm
goat Ok, thanks! :) 2017/01/05 11:14pm
Handsome-ish Tim in Melbourne Not yet Goat... I promise to keep you updated though! Admin 2017/01/05 11:07pm
goat Any idea when it will be up? :) 2017/01/05 11:06pm
Handsome-ish Tim in Melbourne Hi Rudy - the live stream is finished, but the full recording will be up soon :) Admin 2017/01/05 10:41pm
Rudy Hoekman I'm sorry, I'm to late for the Horn Hangout. I thought it was at 20.00 u 2017/01/05 7:39pm
Rudy Hoekman How does it work? 2017/01/05 7:25pm
Rudy Hoekman Is already finisched today? 2017/01/05 7:13pm
goat ETA on the horn hangout? I can't wait to watch 2017/01/05 3:57pm
Tobi Ok, thank you 2017/01/05 3:01pm
Reimund Pankratz Tobi, yes it is the La Tromba lacquer polish! 2017/01/05 3:00pm
Tobi What was the name of the lacque polish they used? was it la tromba? 2017/01/05 2:58pm
Hugo Mak Hi Sarah, I have just contacted you via your personal Facebook as it doesn't seem to be a message option in the Hangout fanpage. Thank you! 2017/01/05 2:53pm
Cyndi Williams No runners up? 2017/01/05 2:36pm
Nicole Lehmann Hi Sarah, we have put address details as a comment on the latest Horn Hangout Facebook post. Thanks so much. 2017/01/05 2:33pm
Sarah at Alexanders in Mainz Campbell, you won the Horn Hangout challenge! But you already have a Hangout shirt...how about an Alexander one? 2017/01/05 2:26pm
Sarah at Alexanders in Mainz Nicole - you do! Send me your address! Either on FB or to the website :-) 2017/01/05 2:24pm
Reimund Pankratz ....to have a better compression. But there are different options. 2017/01/05 2:19pm
Reimund Pankratz Rafael, loosing compression can have different causes. The valve are wearing with time. But if you have a regular professional service the compression should be ok. If we have a worn valve set we sometime plate the rotors with nickel in order.... 2017/01/05 2:18pm

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