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Isaac Opee Joseph I did not hear Jerry George's letter of lateness read out . 2017/03/24 1:59am
Isaac Opee Joseph Even the Brazilians organisations have found 24 of their meat companies are culpable. 2017/03/24 1:44am
Isaac Opee Joseph In which of the island is this boat anchored and should we all put $100 each to get this boat moving through the islands. 2017/03/24 1:16am
Isaac Opee Joseph And how about the Charles Liu Mt Hartman project? 2017/03/24 12:39am
Isaac Opee Joseph The IMF requests that we continue with the SAP but we must tell the gov't NO WAY A TAX REDUCTION IS A MUST COME NOVEMBER BUDGET. 2017/03/24 12:32am
Isaac Opee Joseph I heard five came in this week. 2017/03/24 12:09am
Isaac Opee Joseph That's true Ryan; mek we chat on at 8pm 2017/03/23 11:28pm
Ryan Gebon IMF....THEY CALL THE SHOTS..... 2017/03/23 8:19pm
Ryan Gebon Grenada too dependent on IMF....THEY CALL THR 2017/03/23 7:28pm
Isaac Opee Joseph If u have any I'll come over for some; my tree is bare. 2017/03/23 4:46pm
Merry Campbell Opee! man share the young Coconut water for keeping me eyes clean. LOL 2017/03/23 2:02pm
Isaac Opee Joseph RECOLONIZATION!!! Merry Campbell; economic development is a covering to hide RECOLONIZATION from the not so decernable eyes and thinking. 2017/03/23 11:39am
Merry Campbell Opee r u seeing Economic development or RECOLONIZATION? 2017/03/22 7:40pm
Isaac Opee Joseph ...consultations islands and countries wide with their citizens; Let's tell the World Bank we can think as well as they can. 2017/03/22 2:35pm
Isaac Opee Joseph I note the suggested occupation of all our coastal lands to be utilised by foreign investors while the natives will be pushed inland...the areas where the developers have no interest. We must tell our gov't and the world bank to think again and come with. 2017/03/22 2:32pm
Isaac Opee Joseph The Blue Economy/ Blue Growth is really meant for Blue bloods and has been put together by them instead of the indegenous Black Caribbean people; can anyone tell me how many black Caribbeans were on the group putting together this so called BLUE GROWTH? 2017/03/22 2:24pm
Merry Campbell Grenada's Blue Growth Coastal Master Plan" (pages 75-84) <https://openknowledge.worldb...> 2017/03/21 7:41pm
Merry Campbell Is it True that within "Grenada's Blue Growth Coastal Master Plan" Grenada Agricultural sector and Agro-processing is DEAD and nonexistent as of 2017? 2017/03/21 7:38pm
Georg Fuelscher Well back to catching UV B, great show as always B-) 2017/03/19 5:02pm
Merry Campbell Good Morning Everyone. 2017/03/19 4:12pm

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