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George Grant Thanks, Opee ... see you on Sunday 2017/02/24 2:15am
Isaac Opee Joseph I can hardly afford to miss you MEK WE CHAT. 2017/02/24 1:53am
Isaac Opee Joseph GG should resign now, if she does not let's ask the Queen to remove her. 2017/02/24 1:46am
Isaac Opee Joseph Just who is NikiMaraj?he/she may well be implicating our GG. 2017/02/24 1:25am
Isaac Opee Joseph They the developers at Levera, did say at the sod turning ceremony that they had all the cash to complete the project; now the brother involved alone is saying more workers will be hired as funds are made available. 2017/02/24 1:20am
Isaac Opee Joseph ...We must, however EAT THEM OUT , DRINK THEM OUT AND VOTE THEM OUT. 2017/02/23 4:12am
Isaac Opee Joseph Will the electorial office here in Grenada have time to train seven or more returning officers for the 'soon to be called' general elections? Should the GG bow to or abide by the pressure borne on her? Wake up Grenadians and smell the rotting fish.. 2017/02/23 4:09am
Ryan Gebon THEY'RE ON THE ROAD, AGAIN....Grenada G G has no voice...she received orders to let go seven Electoral Registration Officers. 2017/02/22 9:59pm
Kipling Francis correction not she has to ,,she has the ,, 2017/02/21 3:21pm
Kipling Francis There should be an investigation to find out if in some way the GG was pressured into taking this unusual step ,she has to legal rights to do that ,but remember she was selected , not elected ,, 2017/02/21 3:17pm
Isaac Opee Joseph ...contract be renewed and our GG resigned immediately if the ceo refuses to recall the sacked persons. 2017/02/21 2:53pm
Isaac Opee Joseph Please Ada Holder join the march on Wednesday from Kirani James boulevard to the Electorial Office; we need to protect and ensure that your pension rights are preserved since your resignation is of a protest nature; we must secure the sacked persons... 2017/02/21 2:49pm
Isaac Opee Joseph A drowning person will catch onto a straw but this nation is too unique toallow our ceo to take us down we must march. 2017/02/21 2:17pm
Isaac Opee Joseph I think we , the electorate should all sign a petition calling on Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth 11 to recall her representative in Grenada and give us the voters the right to vote for our own GG (Governor General) ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with our CEO. 2017/02/21 2:07pm
Kipling Francis Will minister Bhola now apologize to Rex grenada ,and the people of grenada for his baseless lies about rex grenada ,but then again why should he ,,when thats all they are good at doing ,,just lies and more lies , 2017/02/21 10:25am
Isaac Opee Joseph KB , do you know about what Joe Irishspeaks? I have serious concerns about the only senior lady at the electorial office resigning....WHY DID SHE, ANYONE KNOWS? 2017/02/21 9:41am
Joe Irish Imagine one senator can order the police to round up and destroy dogs! What will happen if he gets more power? Remember that this man has experience in rounding up Grenadians and sending them to Hope Vale. Dr. Japal and Teddy Victor felt the wrath. Hey KB 2017/02/21 6:30am
Joe Irish Folks, while we agonise over Trump, we have a full-fledged dictatorship in Grenada. I entreat every patriot to march from KJ Boulevard to the Electoral office from 11:30 AM on Wednesday, Feb 22. Dictatorships thrive only because citizens cower in fear. 2017/02/21 6:25am
Ryan Gebon Thank you George :thumbsup: B-) ^O^ 2017/02/19 4:18pm

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