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Georg Fuelscher Good morning George and class from a cool Ottawa, Florida was great and warm last week :love: 2017/04/23 9:13am
Vincent Roberts Will there be any national outrage about Minister Joseph's lie? Don't hold your breath. 2017/04/21 1:07am
George Grant Better late than never, Fella! 2017/04/18 3:10am
Ryan Gebon Hey George...sorry to have missed most of your Easter Sunday Program because I went to church to pray for all souls present and departed. I did catch the rebroadcast. I get nauseous and giddy when I breath peoples ' exhaled marijuana smoke. Private use :( 2017/04/17 10:20pm
mbsl Thank you for the great informative discussion Richie and Chris. Marijuana legalization is a human rights and public health issue also because once legal there can be standardization and therefore safer crops for consumption. Malaika, Grenada 2017/04/16 3:20pm
Em-Ess-Eff Actually, the tax revenue was the biggest driver of the legalization in Colorado. 2017/04/16 3:12pm
Kipling Francis can someone explain what medical complain marijuana is good for ? 2017/04/16 3:10pm
Kipling Francis good morning mr grant ,mr Chester and class , God"s blessing to one and all ,, 2017/04/16 3:04pm
mbsl great intro to the topic of marijuana laws historically and regionally 2017/04/16 2:51pm
Richard A Nixon Good Morning George and all listening in today. May I take this opportunity to wish each one of you and your families, a very Happy Easter season. Greegings from South lorida where the weather is a bit finniky this morning. 2017/04/16 2:14pm
Chester Simon Happy Easter to you Mr. Gebon. 2017/04/16 2:05pm
Ryan Gebon Freedom has limits....Freedom has a price.:) 2017/04/16 1:52pm
Ryan Gebon Chester....Happy Easter 2017/04/16 1:38pm
Chester Simon Good morning all Greetings from Zurich Switzerland Happy Easter all, good morning to you Mr. Kipling, happy easter to you and family. Blessed Sunday all. 2017/04/16 1:06pm
John Kenneison Present and correct from a good kite flying Carriacou 2017/04/16 1:06pm
Ryan Gebon Got to register on Shoutbox B-) 2017/04/16 1:06pm
Ryan Gebon George and guests, good morning and Happy Easter. Despite tribulations we will rise.:) 2017/04/16 1:04pm
Dennis Perkins Good Morning George and Class, we have been suffering with compter problems so have had to listen on FM but we are back now. Its a beautiful morning here in Carriacou. Chhristine and i would like to wish you all a very Happy and Blessed Easter 2017/04/16 1:00pm

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