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George Grant Thanks, All. Blessings for a wonderful week. 2017/05/21 4:45pm
Ryan Gebon George thank you for a stimulating and educative program...Stay Blessed and safe. 2017/05/21 4:11pm
Ryan Gebon Yes , there is a huge divide between the actions of elected politicians and the needs of the Grenadian people. :thumbsup: 2017/05/21 4:03pm
Ryan Gebon Spot on Tessa..agreed :thumbsup: 2017/05/21 3:56pm
Ryan Gebon Yes..governance is the people of the parishes of Grenada, so lets " brighten the corner where you are"...People's :thumbsup: :buttrock: ^O^ Constituent Assemblies. 2017/05/21 3:55pm
Tessa The idea of parish development corporations will also create an opportunity to raise up new leaders 2017/05/21 3:53pm
Merry Campbell Is there anyone who can enlighten Grenadians if it was EAT A FOOD that facilitated the promotion of a specific hotel enterprise with taxpayer dollars ? 2017/05/21 3:49pm
Ryan Gebon Party Politicians are employees of the people and the people should be able to fire , impeach and remove them from office when they perform poorly. 2017/05/21 3:46pm
Merry Campbell the selection of the EXECUTIVE (CABINET) there must be a restriction on the number of ministers to no more than seven be they Members of the house of Representatives or Senate, 2017/05/21 3:41pm
Ryan Gebon Good point..Electoral Democracy with an educated citizenry voting on issues is great...why not CEO Education and CEO Health for better it...RESPECT for person is crucial in elections :thumbsup: 2017/05/21 3:40pm
Merry Campbell Good to hear well known Citizens speaking TODAY Real life experience, perhaps selfish motives or a genuine effort to educate citizens must be applauded even if it is TWENTY YEARS LATE. A simple change to the Grenada Constitution, Laws or practice in 2017/05/21 3:36pm
Ryan Gebon Its well placed for citizens to distrusted permanent political parties, fearing that they would become too powerful and are generally not ideological. Instead, they are made up of a loose collaboration of interests that want to win the next election.:) :b 2017/05/21 3:30pm
Merry Campbell Good Morning Everyone. 2017/05/21 3:20pm
Ryan Gebon Thanks for the webb Site 2017/05/21 3:02pm
Ryan Gebon Been listening....put webb site up 2017/05/21 2:36pm
Ryan Gebon Looks can be deceiving... 2017/05/21 2:33pm
Ryan Gebon Caribbean Positive Radio Online...very interesting guys. :buttrock: :thumbsup: 2017/05/21 2:31pm
Tessa Thanks George..Best wishes to Ms Jean 2017/05/21 2:14pm
Tessa Will the books be available for purchase online? 2017/05/21 2:12pm

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