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e5thg and thanks for your help with getting the camera running 2017/03/30 2:06pm
e5thg morning Rachel, thank you soo much for your help last night! 2017/03/30 2:04pm
Rachel @ Audubon We have a request in to get the Harmar cam rebooted. Admin 2017/03/30 2:04pm
Rachel @ Audubon Good morning! Soggy day on tap in Pittsburgh. Admin 2017/03/30 2:02pm
e5thg I think you need to stop going after people and just let others watch and learn 2017/03/30 1:54pm
e5thg I think the Audubon Society was simply trying to pass along information, why are you making comments telling others 'no need to put up stuff like that'??? 2017/03/30 1:54pm
e5thg what in the world??? 2017/03/30 1:52pm
e5thg Miss Jean 2017/03/30 1:52pm
Jean Brooks harmar cam up and down that is issue 2017/03/30 1:15pm
Jean Brooks No need to put stuff like that up when no one knows if there is an issue 2017/03/30 1:14pm
e5thg For some reason though, the camera has repeatedly gone off-line, or failed to run, sometimes there is no picture, sometimes it is a frozen picture.. 2017/03/30 5:35am
e5thg The female definitely snuck back onto the nest while the camera was down, because she has given us a few good looks since then and that is certainly the female on camera. 2017/03/30 5:34am
e5thg I certainly feel like we had a close call, even if our eagles never were in any danger. It is a reminder of the hazards that eagles face on a daily basis. 2017/03/30 5:33am
Rachel @ Audubon Since we haven't heard anything more about it, my guess (just a guess) is that it wasn't a Bald Eagle that was hit. Admin 2017/03/30 1:30am
Rachel @ Audubon When the police went to the scene, no bird was found. Admin 2017/03/30 1:26am
Rachel @ Audubon Dolly, everything is ok. Just got Sue's email. There was a report of a Bald Eagle hit near the 31st street bridge but we have visual confirmation that both Harmar Eagles are ok. Admin 2017/03/30 1:25am
Dolly Harmar's cam down :( 2017/03/30 12:13am
Rachel @ Audubon So what you see now at Hays is the best view that we can get from the cam. Admin 2017/03/29 10:40pm
Rachel @ Audubon Mary - yes the cam can't see into the nest there. the original nest fell in a windstorm and we couldn't move the cam. Admin 2017/03/29 10:40pm
mary that is why I ased about seeing view has lots of branches and only see the white heads moving :( 2017/03/29 10:29pm

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