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Jenn ~O) 2017/03/30 2:36pm Offline
mArtin **== que pasa rAza!! morning, saludos happy Tuesday. we waitimg for another hot day #:-S maybe rain Wednesday or Thursday? 2017/03/28 3:27pm Offline
Jenn Thank you! 2017/03/28 2:59pm Offline
DJ TUXEDOMIKE I hope everyone has a Great Week!! 2017/03/27 10:16pm Offline
DJ TUXEDOMIKE What do you want to hear Bouncer? 2017/03/26 5:28am Offline
DJ TUXEDOMIKE Come on Vato!! 2017/03/24 9:45pm Offline
mArtin hey mike i go to run my new car to Austin. :-bd 2017/03/24 9:09pm Offline
mArtin hopefully or sometime soon ill check them out 2017/03/24 9:08pm Offline
mArtin here at work till 5 :!! and then time to hot som shrimp and a cold Bud![],,,[],,[] sup mike!!!! 2017/03/24 9:01pm Offline
mArtin saludos to yoi guys om the other side of my line TGIF!!! =D> Have a great wkmd! tu y tu familia! :-bd 2017/03/24 8:59pm Offline
mArtin =D> it soumds good on this side of the line! Orale TuxMan! =D> Saludos from South of the Boarder Eagle Pass Tx,! 2017/03/24 8:58pm Offline
DJ TuxedoMike I'm going to have to restart the computer folks. I'll only take a minute. Sorry f for the interruptiion 2017/03/24 7:25pm Offline
mArtin i was listimg yesterday but dint habe to send shouts :)] had som busy hours at work. 2017/03/24 4:05pm Offline
mArtin =D> que pasa rAza! ya TGIF!! an other hot day! #:-S hey mike radio shack is closing its stores all 70℅off eberything is almost gone maybe i can find u a mic,? 2017/03/24 4:04pm Offline
DJ TuxedoMike We lost our Mic's. But we have brand new ones arriving tomorrow so you'll be able to hear my goofy voice again!! 2017/03/23 8:52pm Offline
mArtin no i mis her caue as you theres all this stages you have to see one or another. but i mis her :banghead: 2017/03/20 8:30pm Offline
Jenn How about Stefani Montiel? Did you get to see her? 2017/03/20 8:19pm Offline
mArtin the gordito la sombra de tony and la fever bad as,,,,l not la mafia, amd lots more all day sat? #:-S []...[]...[] :drool: 2017/03/20 8:14pm Offline
Jenn I'll be listening ;;) 2017/03/20 8:11pm Offline
Jenn Saw the lineup for Saturday evening, wish I could've been there 2017/03/20 8:08pm Offline

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