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Maria Hi 2017/02/24 11:25pm Offline
DJ TUXEDOMIKE Requests? 2017/02/24 11:02pm Offline
DJ TUXEDOMIKE JENN!!! 2017/02/24 11:00pm Offline
Jenn Hi there! I'm back! 2017/02/24 9:09pm Offline
Jenn Hello. Almost lunch time! 2017/02/24 6:27pm Offline
DJ TUXEDOMIKE TGIF 2017/02/24 6:10pm Offline
Jenn TGIF!! 2017/02/24 5:30pm Offline
chatooo good Morning gente Enjoy your day and DO NOT even think about Dummy Trompas and everything will go just Fine. **== :-bd 2017/02/23 2:50pm Offline
mArtin this head set is now unplug^~^~^~^~^----------------- 2017/02/22 10:51pm Offline
mArtin =D> have a safe and good afternoon! take care carnales!! thanks mike for the musica!! :-bd night rAza!! 2017/02/22 10:50pm Offline
mArtin :!! bueno its almost 5:00 Tejas time! till next time here again same time N place. =D> Y que siga la musica que ya tomorrow is Tejano Thurthsday :drool: !! 2017/02/22 10:49pm Offline
mArtin **== orale chatooo...saludos carmal from the south of the boarder where wjere PD thinks they work with boarder patrols ask let me see you green card? I sa the om green card i hace is from the WIC program to buy milk amd cheese! =)) :)) 2017/02/22 10:31pm Offline
chatooo :)) :)] =)) :-j buenas tarde gente Flojaaa. hope everbody is just Fine Tuned on PTR Just like Donny Trumpy is at the white house 2017/02/22 10:18pm Offline
mArtin =D> que pasa rAza!! saludos runnings busy over here #:-S but here with PTR!! aqi con el TuxMax kije always runnings con su jale lije most of us!! =D> =D> 2017/02/22 4:10pm Offline
Chatooooo I see on T.V. that today is Marqaurita Day. accordaing to ABC news. So Drink up Razaaaa Salu :thumbsup: 2017/02/22 3:31pm Offline
Chatooooo Saludes to all of our happy happy people that love Tejano Rolitasssss :-bd 2017/02/22 3:24pm Offline
Chatooooo Ese Riche Leal how you doing my Nam Bro.? keep on kicking bro. Nice to know you are still on this radio dial. Zapatellale Yaaaaaaa :-bd **== (*) >:D< 2017/02/22 3:21pm Offline
Ricardo Leal The external media player links on here are not working, been using the second link from the left. thank you. 2017/02/21 7:40pm Offline
Chatooooo buenas tarde mi gente. how you all doing today. Saludes to all >:D< **== B-)-duplicate2 :-bd 2017/02/21 7:01pm Offline
Maria I was n tampa florida 2 weeks ago 2017/02/20 11:17pm Offline

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