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DJ TUXEDO MIKE Jenn's nasty little song!! 2017/05/24 10:01pm Offline
Jenn Oh yeah!!! 2017/05/24 9:59pm Offline
Jenn Woo Hoo!!!! 2017/05/24 9:59pm Offline
DJ TUXEDO MIKE JENN!! 2017/05/24 9:53pm Offline
Jenn I'm tuned in!! 2017/05/24 9:16pm Offline
mArtin Orale rAza!! saludos donde estes B-) back from Lonche (:| un nap. =D> 2017/05/23 7:26pm Offline
mArtin **== que pasa rAza! daludos =D> ricardo El TuxMan has no hours :-?? he gets the mic when chance. pero tascale un request: when he sees it el las deha ir! =D> 2017/05/23 7:24pm Offline
Ricardo Leal ( Nam Vet ) Hey vatos locos, when do requests start?? 2017/05/23 6:26pm Offline
Ricardo Leal ( Nam Vet ) Testing one two, testing one two, hey vatos locos I am back 2017/05/23 6:25pm Offline
Ricardo Leal ( Nam Vet ) Testing one two, testing one two, good morning los vatos locos de Pure Tejano Radio 2017/05/23 12:51pm Offline
mArtin :-* :x 2017/05/22 8:19pm Offline
mArtin :x 2017/05/22 8:18pm Offline
mArtin sup vato! U testing another mic? U sound ok. i can hear U alllll.... they way over here in Ep. =)) 2017/05/22 7:53pm Offline
Ricardo Leal ( Nam Vet ) Los vatos locos de Pure Tejano Radio, testing 1 2 and everything ok on my end 2017/05/22 7:51pm Offline
mArtin **== que pasa rAza on lazy Monday, saludos were ever U @? lots of rain over here but not as bad as laredo tx, be safe donde esres =D> 2017/05/22 7:02pm Offline
Ricardo Leal ( Nam Vet ) Listening to Pure Tejano Radio in Lufkin, Texas. God bless you all. Also want to say thank you to all the men and women serving in our Nation's military armed forces and to all the veterans past and present, thank you for your service and sacrifice. 2017/05/20 6:05pm Offline
Maria Hi mike 2017/05/19 9:08pm Offline
DJ TUXEDO MIKE Hi Maria! 2017/05/19 8:15pm Offline
Maria :-h 2017/05/19 8:02pm Offline
Jenn Just tunnng in now 2017/05/19 7:36pm Offline

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