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Your mom (guest) Are you guys horny like me? 2017/05/20 10:34pm Offline
Your mom (guest) I have asteroporosis 2017/05/20 10:32pm Offline
Definitely the REAL Jim Dale (guest) *now, not not. Bollocks! 2017/05/09 4:38pm Offline
Definitely the REAL Jim Dale (guest) Hey guys, I'm not on Chaturbate and for the low low price of $12.95 you, yes YOU can watch me go wanky fap-fap into my filthy crusty sock! 2017/05/09 4:38pm Offline
m712 (guest) what the fuck... 2017/05/04 6:16pm Offline
NepNep (guest) Where's the new shit you colossal - and I mean absolutely HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE faggot? 2017/04/28 2:29pm Offline
Lazlow (guest) It's been almost 8 years... 2017/04/15 1:55am Offline
derrp (guest) bleh 2017/04/11 12:36am Offline
ohyesdaddy (guest) da fuck 2017/04/02 1:29pm Offline
Faggoty Haggis dumblefuckingbugbear 2017/03/31 8:00am Offline
cumslut (guest) thank you service bot 2017/03/24 10:41pm Offline
dildo gaggins (guest) Type some bullshit here 2017/03/22 4:41pm Offline
Idris Elba (guest) adapt wordwide 2017/02/22 11:25am Offline
Farty Harty the Bullshitter (guest) Skeet Skeet Skeet (Yeah) 2017/02/07 5:45pm Offline
meme (guest) lol 2017/02/05 8:46am Offline
ThugScorpion (guest) What copypasta would you like me to play: 1. Zombie Bagel 3. Popeye's chicken (Warning: disgusting) 3. Donald Trump's Hair Story 4. Dirty the pooh 5. Dirty Potter 6. A pasta manually enter in chat 2017/01/30 5:17am Offline
matt (guest) Motherfucking trash as a bitchass bhole 2017/01/28 6:37pm Offline
matt (guest) Lol 2017/01/28 6:36pm Offline
Ugly Guy (guest) this is bullshit 2017/01/02 1:15am Offline
Vincent (guest) FUCK ALL white people 2017/01/01 7:24pm Offline

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