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Cubing_Is_Stupid Cubing is ****ing Retarted 2017/03/21 6:02pm
ZaTank LOL... I just realized this site is older than I am... O_o 2017/03/02 5:34am
ZaTank Hey fellow cubers, this site (while being awesome) is very obscure and as such using the comments is useless. :(( 2017/03/02 5:27am
Paul Edmondson broken images on the site 2017/02/13 3:24pm
Bill Wang anyone know if interuniversity relay is a thing still? 2017/01/28 6:32am
kevin i love the cube 2017/01/17 4:52pm
Cubesmasher Are people who do the rubix triangle geeks who are good at maths? I always take the stickers off! 2016/11/17 2:08am
MissFire Hey um, the applet cubes wont show up, it says I need a java extension or something? Could anyone help? 2016/08/01 8:07pm
MissFire Not trying to claim fame here, we have a hard time. I just didn't want to say playing with it because the verb "play" sounded less serious 2016/06/03 1:56am
MissFire You know, my bf and I have been "cubing".. I think.. but I didn't know it was a thing. Awesome! 2016/06/03 1:55am
gaurav need to come under 30, any tips? 2016/05/16 11:33am
RUFIX Cant get past sub-10 barrier 2016/04/10 3:11pm
feliks zemdegs im bored here in australia 2016/03/27 9:58am
swecube hi, im looking for a fun puzzle to solve and im almost getting tired of solving 2x2 3x3 4x4 5x5 pyraminx and mirror blocks all the time so if u have any ideas i would be grateful 2016/03/06 12:26pm

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