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Victoria Annita Meige Listening to Flashback To The 80s from Canada! Yay!!!! 2017/05/20 10:32pm
Smash Ventura Hi Swamp Gas. Thanks for the kind compliments. 2017/04/29 3:43am
Smash Ventura We also have SVTV in which Star is advertised on my studio desk :) 2017/04/29 3:42am
Smash Ventura For those of you in the USA who would still like to catch the show ( I hope my Star Family will be ok with me sharing this link ) 2017/04/29 3:39am
Gremlin Good evening 2017/04/23 11:19pm
Swamp Gas Hi smash Ventura just listening to your show thru direct link:) miss recording it. But I think I'm in love with you in your tight juicy pants 2017/04/17 2:00am
Swamp Gas No one will sponsor this great station so it could be heard in America again? 2017/04/16 6:06am
Ashley May A.K.A Dj Flash. wow-nice to see some peeps liking flashback to the 80s,,and indeed the station,,we are having loads of fun doing it.and thanx Victoria for your comments 2017/04/13 8:03pm
Victoria Annita Meige Awesome Megamix on Flashback To The 80s. 2017/04/08 10:22pm
A Listening from Germany! Great Station!! 2017/03/29 9:23am
Victoria Annita Meige You have a wide variety of 80s. Never get tired of listening. :-bd 2017/03/19 11:35pm
Cisop Sixpence Thanks Victoria! Admin 2017/03/10 5:21pm
Victoria Annita Meige Listening from Canada and loving your station. 2017/03/07 1:29am
Cisop Sixpence FYI - In our experience the ad revenue can't keep up with the cost of the performance royalties. The royalties are beyond what the market will bear. We never made money doing this, but we'd be losing our shirt if we let all U.S. listeners TuneIn as before Admin 2017/02/23 1:30pm
Cisop Sixpence Hi Swamp Gas - The issue isn't with TuneIn, but with the cost of performance royalties based on U.S. listeners. Until that comes down for internet broadcasters we have to limit the listeners to what we can afford out of pocket. Admin 2017/02/23 1:24pm
Swamp Gas Any luck with coming back to tune in radio in the USA? 2017/02/20 10:05am
★★Rizzler★★ WOW! This station is still going strong. keep them great tunes from the 80s coming (*) :) 2017/02/01 9:13pm
Cisop Sixpence traxonwax - Thanks for the positive comments. We love being able to provide these classic episodes. Admin 2017/01/30 1:08am
Cisop Sixpence Yuuetsu Nakamura - in answer to your question, whoever ripped it from the LP appears to have cut some of the segments a little short. If we find a better version we will switch it out. Admin 2017/01/30 1:07am
traxonwax Keep up the great work! Loving the Commercial free Classic AT40 shows. 2017/01/29 6:17pm

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