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Coronal Winds Angela, so sorry for the late response. I didn't notice that you had posted this. RTBL was down about the time you posted, and should now be back up. Hope you are doing well and have been able to access. Please use our Comment Page for more help. 2016/04/11 7:46am
Angela Park How does a visitor gain access to Road to Better Living? 2016/03/23 2:20pm
Coronal Winds Me, You might want to do a search on the net with your question... You'll find a lot of beliefs both ways. So rather than getting trapped in legalism, keep your focus on Christ. Take care and God bless 2015/01/25 9:30pm
Coronal Winds Me, I believe anything that we place love and worship on other than Christ is Satanic. Remember, the cross was a pagan symbol and Jesus was crucified on the cross, so the symbol isn't what we need to concentrate on, but rather Jesus, and Jesus only. 2015/01/25 9:28pm
me Is the Star of David satanic/pagan? 2015/01/18 10:08pm
Coronal Winds Did you have a specific question ME, if so contact us through our Contact Page 2015/01/09 12:54am
Coronal Winds Yes, and so is Jesus... 2015/01/09 12:52am
me Is this site alive? 2015/01/08 10:45pm
Coronal Winds Rose, not sure what DVD set you are referring to, but contact me through my Contact US at the of this page. 2014/11/16 6:22am
rose good morning :) i am trying to figure out how much it is to purchase the dvd set? 2014/11/13 4:04pm
Coronal Winds Thanks for your kind words Denise. If you have a Data package on your Cell phone, you can listen to Coronal Winds using WinAmp, TuneIn Radio or any other radio application on your phone. Simply search for Coronal Winds in the application. 2014/08/25 5:22pm
Denise This is such a great station! Am I only able to get it online? 2014/08/23 6:44am
Coronal Winds Hi Richard. Yeah, I love Ambient music and thought it would be a good idea to put God's work to Ambient music. Glad you like it... 2014/04/28 4:31am
Richard Stockwell So pleased to have found your web page and to hear electronic music and the word of God together. Having been on the web since 1996 this is the only site I have ever found to put the two together. 2014/04/26 12:23am
Coronal Winds Hi Caz, Ellen White is a deep topic and to be honest, I had deep doubts about her in the beginning of my journey into the SDA church. 2013/06/05 6:49pm
Coronal Winds It was Jesus who brought me in the SDA church and their teachings and I wasn't going to be swayed by any church or teaching that did not line up with Bible scripture. 2013/06/05 6:49pm
Coronal Winds To be honest, I haven't found one thing she wrote, taken in context, that hasn't made my walk with Jesus stronger. She always points to Jesus and Bible truth. 2013/06/05 6:49pm
Coronal Winds So to answer your question, I have no doubt that God has used this woman to show lost truths from the Bible. 2013/06/05 6:48pm
Coronal Winds I challenge anyone to truthfully look into her writings and determine for themselves whether she was from God or not. 2013/06/05 6:48pm
caz hi I liked most of what I read so far but I have one question. do you believe Ellen white was a prophet? she seems foundational to SDA but I did not yet find any mention of her in your articles. god bless yous and excuse my lack of capitalisation 2013/06/02 3:12pm

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