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Dzik As a foreigner can i buy weed in Hague or Zaandvoort? 2017/04/26 10:17am
thomas volendam do they have shops there 2017/04/11 11:04pm
RainerKrieg 1e hulp and grey area are the best shops in Amsterdam 2017/04/11 8:03am
thomas yes stud is also a really good coffeeshop 2017/03/14 8:50pm
Frankfurt389 Boerejongens!!!!! 2017/03/11 11:30pm
kushhunter and the pharma haze to mention as a nice sativa 2017/03/05 9:36pm
kushhunter ugulaugu Kush from pharmaseeds, found in the mietengracht near Volendam was the best weed i found in the Netherlands 2017/03/05 9:36pm
jimmy The Stud in Amsterdam is the best coffeshop in Netherlands lol . 2017/02/12 9:13pm
Thomas Zomerdijk Best friends coffeeshop best in dam also are located in the centrum. Friendly staff good prices 2017/01/21 5:51am
your brother first of all - nice website! does anybody know where to find red congolese / john sinclair in amsterdam or any kind of purple coloured buds? 2017/01/19 4:22pm
Weedy guy Thank's for all these precious information ! Long life to !!! Best weed from Amsterdam High/Taste is the KOSHER KUSH ! 2017/01/18 5:33pm
leanwolf any one on here know the best coffee shop in amsterdam for cbd strain thanks 2017/01/10 9:16pm
Pepco81 Hi there :) ...can you advice... is any coffeeshop in A'dam open nonstop....24hours ? Thanks.. 2017/01/10 11:25am
d tangie block 2017/01/04 2:03pm
clarence ps tried out the ak-choco block and ak-og iceloator! both are very delicious and strong BUT the iceolator comes down with only 0,5 g per 30-40 euros! so careful ;) 2017/01/03 8:07am
clarence go boerejongens :D u wont regret 2017/01/03 8:06am
clarence d 2017/01/03 8:06am
Casey jones Thanks you 2016/12/25 3:30am
Justme Central coffeeshop is about 150m from Centraal Station, Voyagers is another 50m beyond that, and in opposite direction the gray area has many 2016/12/24 1:12pm

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