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nikki (guest) Sorry I missed the birthday celebration...hopefully you can sneak in a song or two on Sat. 2017/03/29 7:06pm
Scott R Adams We're celebrating Astrud Gilberto's birthday today... at least one song every hour, all day long, plus two-in-a-row for our Brazil Back2Back! Admin 2017/03/29 6:00am
Super Dave (guest) Goodnight, Nikki. Sleep well 2017/03/26 12:53am
nikki (guest) Have a wonderful night & enjoy your Sunday! :) 2017/03/26 12:50am
nikki (guest) Dinner Party was always a good time. I'm glad so many of us were able to bond over great music & we'll always have those memories. 2017/03/26 12:45am
Super Dave (guest) Yes, Sat. night w/o DP has been hard to adjust to, but, unfortunately, this is the hand we've been dealt. :( 2017/03/26 12:18am
Trent (guest) Nikki my furnace is very happy too 2017/03/25 11:54pm
nikki (guest) I'm sure my flower bulbs are enjoying it! 2017/03/25 11:51pm
Trent (guest) Hello hope everyone enjoying the weather today 2017/03/25 11:46pm
Scott R Adams Hi nikki, and hello to Trent (in real time). Admin 2017/03/25 11:45pm
nikki (guest) Hi Scott! & Trent too 2017/03/25 11:44pm
Trent (guest) Hello listeners Saturday still feels weird without the Dinner Party and crew 2017/03/25 11:43pm
Scott R Adams Hello all... Admin 2017/03/25 11:42pm
nikki (guest) I'd say LOL!!! 2017/03/25 11:42pm
Super Dave (guest) I can attest to that, Nikki. My sinuses have been acting up, as well as my arthritis. Better than Rigamortis! LOL 2017/03/25 11:36pm
nikki (guest) Even though my allergies have already been kicking in, it's still nice to open the windows and get some fresh air in the house. 2017/03/25 11:32pm
nikki (guest) Hi SD! It's goofy alright! I am beyond ready for it to be nice and stay that way. 2017/03/25 11:30pm
Super Dave (guest) Hi, Nikki. Weather :eek: GOOFY :eek: enough for you? 2017/03/25 11:23pm
nikki (guest) Sure wish we could've had a repeat of Friday! 2017/03/25 11:22pm
nikki (guest) Happy Saturday night! Hope everyone had a great day! 2017/03/25 11:22pm

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