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Μίκα (guest) Καλή μας Κυριακή ...!!! 2017/04/23 8:57am
Μίκα (guest) Καλό μας Βράδυ ...!!! 2017/04/22 11:34pm
DAVOR (guest) THANKS LUNA AND SAVENTO !!! 2017/04/22 7:03pm
Luna (guest) <3 2017/04/22 6:56pm
SAVENTO (guest) LUNA in the mix :x :x :x Thank you from my heart >:D< >:D< >:D< 2017/04/22 6:55pm
Luna (guest) Thank you for inviting me! Dear Savento<3 2017/04/22 6:55pm
Luna (guest) Thank you for fun time!! 2017/04/22 6:54pm
SAVENTO (guest) :x :x :x :x :x :x 2017/04/22 6:53pm
SAVENTO (guest) Thank you from my heart beloved LUNA for this amazing collaboration !!!! You have always my love and my respect !!!!!!! Greetings from Greece !!!!!!! Take care and God Bless you !!!!!!!! See you on mixcloud !!!!!!! This closing track is just amazing !!!!! 2017/04/22 6:53pm
Luna (guest) Arigatou :) 2017/04/22 6:41pm
SAVENTO (guest) tuuuuuuuuneeeeeeeeeee 2017/04/22 6:40pm
SAVENTO (guest) Awesome LUNA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :x 2017/04/22 6:39pm
Luna (guest) Thank you DAVOR!! :x 2017/04/22 6:38pm
DAVOR (guest) bravoooooo Lunaaaaa 2017/04/22 6:35pm
Dj Colombiana (guest) <3 2017/04/22 6:28pm
Luna (guest) Thank you so much Colombiana<3 Im so glad! Arigatou :) 2017/04/22 6:28pm
Dj Colombiana (guest) perfect sound Luna darling \ 2017/04/22 6:27pm
Luna (guest) Thank you so much SAVENTO :x 2017/04/22 6:25pm
SAVENTO (guest) Luna >:D< ^:)^ perfect >:D< ^:)^ 2017/04/22 6:23pm

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