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tdamel the camel hmmm get me some saucy camels yaaa? i need them to go to Londobn 2016/08/28 10:58pm Offline
tdamel the camel hey fellow muckers! 2016/08/28 10:58pm Offline
Mysterious Stranger Hi! 2016/05/20 9:17pm Offline
HJ Who dat who dare??? 2016/05/20 8:17pm Offline
HJ lols 2016/05/10 7:57pm Offline
zenecho Much cleaner if I dont wear my glasses 2016/05/10 7:56pm Offline
HJ dunno mate, set up my facebook camera live on my phone, the decent stream is here but yeah completely outta sync, hi tho! How clean is your house :) 2016/05/10 7:54pm Offline
zenecho Why are there different tunes being played "live" on here and "live" on Facebook? 2016/05/10 7:51pm Offline
zenecho blimey that mix was bit harsh 2016/05/10 7:29pm Offline
zenecho Hopefully no Windows updates tonight? 2016/05/10 7:26pm Offline
HJ Wassup me breadbin . . . impromptu Tuesday night DnB session, no spag bol tonight, crispy duck n bass instead 2016/05/10 6:11pm Offline
ragiejay thx man for tunes loving it just what i need 2016/05/08 5:58pm Offline
Jp Cheers Stubbs 2016/05/06 11:14pm Offline
stubbs Thanks for the tunes jp 2016/05/06 11:11pm Offline
SeanyB *woohoo* 2016/05/06 11:05pm Offline
Jp *club* 2016/05/06 11:04pm Offline
Jp Thsnks for listening . 2016/05/06 11:01pm Offline
stubbs T T T une 2016/05/06 11:01pm Offline
Doctor Muck Me and Ray are still tuned in *dj* Admin 2016/05/06 11:01pm Offline
Jp Thanks Sean 2016/05/06 10:56pm Offline

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