December 10, 2011: The free Basic version is no longer available and will be phased out.

Features Basic Premium Descriptions
Instant start-up Yes Yes Get a shoutbox up and running in less than a minute. Create one now!
Color theme Yes Yes Choose from presets or manually fine-tune the colors for a perfect blend with your website.
Live chat No Yes Auto-refresh updates your shoutbox for new messages seamlessly.
Sound alert No Yes Sound alert adds that extra touch to the chat.
Message archive No Yes Downloadable monthly archives of all your messages for you to keep. We use XML format which you can use with any modern browsers.
Online counter and user list No Yes Display the number of people using the shoutbox as well who they are when possible.
Ads-free No Yes You can fully integrate the shoutbox to your website with no advertisements or link backs to our website. Basic shoutbox is ad-supported.
No pop-up ads Yes Yes ShoutMix does not put annoying pop-up ads in the shoutbox, not even the basic shoutbox!
Security Basic Premium Descriptions
Website lock Yes Yes Lock access to your website only and prevent the shoutbox from being opened elsewhere.
Basic profanity filter Yes Yes Filter profane words from being displayed in the shoutbox.
Custom profanity filter No Yes Allows you to specify words to be filtered in the shoutbox.
Admin name protection No Yes Protect admin names and disallow them from public uses. Only admin can use these protected names via admin area of the shoutbox.
Password protection No Yes Password protect your shoutbox when you need to restrict your shoutbox access to certain group of users only.
IP banning Yes Yes Allows you to ban users by IP address.
URL banning Yes Yes Allows you to ban any unwanted web or email addresses from being posted into the shoutbox.
Specifications Basic Premium Descriptions
Custom smileys 10 500 Number of custom smileys usable in shoutbox.
Message archive - 3 months Total previous months' archives available for download.
Post storage 250 5000 Total posts stored in shoutbox.
Post length 150 300 Total characters allowed in each post.
Post quota 60 Unlimited Total posts accepted by the shoutbox every hour.
Traffic support 100 users 100 users Total unique users supported by a shoutbox.
Price Free Paid Premium subscription at $2/month

If you need higher capacity/traffic support, please contact us for more information.